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Fringe Guru





“This one's brilliant.  In a genre that's grown so popular it sports its own clichés,Music Box stand out for their ambition, their variety, their creativity... and thefact they actually can sing.


To me, mind you, all improvised musicals are feats beyond comprehension; how canyou possibly pluck a tune, lyrics, and coherent plot all from thin air?  Much dependson source material, shouted out by the audience at the start, and on the night Ivisited they were lucky - a love story set in a Swedish aquarium just couldn't failto be funny.  But my goodness, they made the most of their good fortune, creatinga storyline which actually meant something and characters who made me care.


And I've never seen musical improv tackle such a range of styles.  All the stage-musicalgenres were there, from the wistful slow ballad through to a portentous bone-chillerabout the psychology of (ahem) a fish.  The octopus hip-hop left me helpless withlaughter, and the obligatory showstopping number wove a single strand from all thethreads, revealing that the choruses from earlier songs had been planned to meshtogether all along.


This is the purest style of improv - with no host and no off-stage conferring - soit's unreasonable to expect perfection.  Instead, Music Box offer something evenmore rewarding: a precious sense of shared adventure, as the seemingly impossibletakes shape before our eyes.”


Improv America


“I was really impressed by the show. The characters were formed quickly and sustainedthroughout and were very likeable too. The songs were well sung and very funny andthe humour never relied on smut or lowest common denominator jokes which is sometimesthe danger with improvised songs. All the players were great and the lead in thisparticular musical managed to be funny, sweet, witty and truthful all at once. Itwould have been easy to make the protagonist in this instance a grotesque characterbut Bream avoided this and produced a very likeable heroine. ”


Keith Clancy, Earl’s Court Festival


“Music Box, check this out for an idea, the audience shouts out three unrelated wordsand Music Box gives you a genuine musical improvised from start to finish. What onedoes not realise whilst reading that last sentence is that, these improvised musicalsare actually a real musical with a narrative, genuinely good songs, sometimes movingoften very funny songs with tunes and rhymes and all that stuff that people workon for years writing a musical. What amazed me was it was all there, the openingsong, the love number, the big finish. If you like a good sing-song, you'll lovethis. Music Box? Tick! These people are actually talented. All in all this was alovely, funny and slick night of improvised musical comedy by a talented group.”


The Londonist


“The group accomplished the show with panache, wit and an impressive degree of professionalism.”


Tessa Bickers, Singer/Songwriter

"that was f*cking incredible... I have no idea how you guys did that but it feltlike magic... I'd pay good money to see that on the west end or something. It wasbetter than avenue Q."


Rebecca Claydon, Honey Events


“Music Box - dynamic, original and captivating. I haven't laughed so much or feltso much apart of a performance as I did with Becca and her team. Would recommendtheir night to anyone who wants to have a good time!”


ESPN Producer

"So funny I spat my wine across five rows of people and right up onto the stage.I would recommend this to everyone (the show not the wine spitting)."


Audience quotes from The Miller


“It’s like Glee on crack.”


“We thoroughly enjoyed last evening's show and were genuinely very impressed withthe standard - they deserve to be on the telly!”

“Nothing like a good laugh in the dark winter evenings!”


“Dynamite stuff.”