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Music Box are produced in association with Hoopla Improv Comedy Classes and Website designed by Steve Roe © Music Box 2011

The following are links to other groups we run, are strongly connected to, or othershows we recommend.

Hoopla improv comedy classes and shows
Steve Roe co-founded Hooplawith Edgar Fernando 5 years ago. Hoopla run impro shows and workshops across theUK. Many of Music Box met at the Hoopla Impro workshops and performed together withHoopla.

The Maydays

The Maydays are an impro group based in Brighton, directed by John Cremer. Stevefirst started impro at The Maydays drop-in classes and Katy Schutte performs andteaches with them.


Showstopper is the original improvised musical in the UK, directed by Dylan Emerywith an exceptionally talented cast. We’re not connected to this show but we canreally recommend it.


The Crunchy Frog Collective |
The Crunchy Frog Collectivewas originally set up by Alan Marriott and is now run by Dylan Emery, who is alsothe director of Showstopper. This is a great site for impro in the UK and Dylan alsoruns excellent workshops, where some of Music Box met each other.


The Oxford Imps |

Becca Gibson previously performed with The Oxford Imps, where she directed her firstimprovised musical. They perform at the Edinburgh Fringe every year and weekly inOxford in Autumn and Spring Term.



London Improv

Founded by Jonathan Monkhouse, the London Improv website lists all improv shows performingat The Miller in London Bridge, London’s rapidly growing home of improvised comedy.It also has some great blogs and other listings.