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Music Box are produced in association with Hoopla Improv Comedy Classes and Website designed by Steve Roe © Music Box 2011

Music Box were formed by Becca Gibson in 2009, initially as a workshop group. Overtime Music Box absorbed more actors from different impro troupes and gradually becamea performance team. Music Box performed their first show in April 2010 at The BlackHorse, Rathbone Place in association with Hoopla. Since then they have performedat The Old Vic Tunnels as part of the Slap Dash Impro Festival, The Troubadour aspart of the Earl’s Court Festival, Upstairs at The Three and Ten at The BrightonFringe, The Wildheart Festival, London Zoo and regularly at The Miller.

Becca Gibson | Director

Becca originally performed with the Oxford Imps at University and at the EdinburghFringe. In 2008 she directed the Oxford Imps Improvised Musical. In 2009 & 2010 sheperformed with Laugh or Die, and Hoopla at the Camden Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe.She teaches impro in the UK an USA. Becca is also a comedian and is training to bean opera singer.



Georgina Bream

George started improvising at the Notting Hill Drama Group before joining Hooplaand The Crunchy Frog. She was a core cast member of Hoopla’s run at The Bedford’sGlobe Theatre and performed with them at the Edinburgh Fringe 2009. She’s also aperformer with impro shows Curt Hatred, The House of People & Fingers on Buzzards.


Maria Peters

Maria started improvising at the Hoopla drop-in before progressing to their performancetraining workshop. She went on to perform on Hoopla’s West End run at The Black Horse,and then with them at the Edinburgh Fringe 2009. Maria’s recently been performingwith Cannonball at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 (“A dynamic and intuitive group” - ThreeWeeks).

James Witt

James is a professional actor, writer comedian and has performed in plays and musicalsin theatres and festivals across the UK. Before Music Box he was a performer, writerand actor with The News Revue, the world’s longest running live comedy show at 30years. Many of his News Revue sketches are being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe2010.

Jonathan Funkhouse Monkhouse

Jon first encountered improv in 2001 watching Baby Wants Candy at the Edinburgh festival.They were so good he didn't try improv for 8 years. Then he punched stage-frightright up and performed with Hoopla, Fingers on Buzzards & Cannonball. He's a foundingmember of The Ministry, Andrew & The Slides of Chaos and 8bit, and runs


Katy Schutte

Katy has been performing and teaching with The Maydays for over five years, withwhom she won Best Comedy Show at the Brighton Festival for Mayday! The Musical in2007. For the last 18 months she’s been working on the ground breaking two womanshow Katy and Rach. Katy has also performed with The Treason Show, News Revue, Don’tTell Jimmy, and Fluxx.

About Us

Steve Roe | Producer

Steve first started doing impro at The Maydays drop-ins taught by John Cremer in2005. After moving back to London he also completed workshops with Sprout Ideas,Keith Johnstone, The Crunchy Frog, Random Acts, Jonathan Kay and Act Up. He co-foundedHoopla Impro in 2006 and has been running workshops and shows ever since.


Biogs Coming Soon: Jules Munns, Joe Samuel (Piano)

Rob Grundel| Pianist

With a love for all things music and improvised Rob can be found either rocking withhis jazz trio Furniture, putting down a beat or soundtrack for impro duo Marblesor accompanying Music Box. He is currently plotting a play, the next Beats, Rhymesand Mirth event and a guerilla storytelling intervention.




Rhiannon Vivian

Rhiannon is a founding member of short-form troupe Cannonball and has performed successfulruns with them and Hoopla at the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival in 2009/10. She isalso a founding member of 8Bit Improv , performing regularly with both them and theInflatables in London and beyond.




Dylan Buckle | Guitarist

It’s hard to find an impro show in London without Dylan in it, either acting or onguitar, or both. After performing on Hoopla’s West End run at The Round Table, andwith Hoopla at the Edinburgh Fringe 2009, Dylan went on to perform and direct withCannonball at Edinburgh 2010. He also plays in his band, The Undisputed Championsof Turbulence.



James Lovelock| Pianist

James Lovelock is a founder member of the impro troupe Made Up Like Tarts as bothan actor and musician.  He played the keyboard for the original sell-out Edinburghseason of Showstopper! The Improvised Musical and guested with The Reduced EdinburghImpro Show. He is also a composer and teacher and most recently wrote Life As Normal.